The Renaissance Came & Stayed

By: Erika Minnix

Virgo season can only mean one thing: the emergence of Queen Bey, the Virgo queen herself. The Renaissance is here and here to stay. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the Bey-Hive? Here, you’re the baddest one in the room. Confidence is at an all-time high- grab those thigh-high boots and form-fitting dress, and don’t worry, there’s no such thing as over the top while at a Beyonce show. 

Bring that glitz and glamor. The stadium was reflecting and shimmering all night long. Beyonce is Fierce, Sasha Fierce. Hold that head up high. It’s time to find your inner Beyonce and remember you are that powerhouse. An excuse to dress to impress, creating the perfect Instagram outfits and captions is enough for anyone to see Beyonce. Don’t worry; everyone came to slay, from moms to daughters of all ages.

Beyonce doesn’t need openers. She’s her opener, which is honestly a mood. Cheers were erupting the moment Beyonce Knowles made her appearance on the stage at State Farm Stadium. She commanded the room; each song only amplified the energy that much more. Who cares that it was a school night? The two-and-a-half-hour show is a masterpiece that surpasses what other mega-touring artists are doing. Unsurprisingly, The Renasanice World Tour is the highest-grossing tour to date.

She is an icon and a performer unlike any other. Since Destiny Child, Beyonce has inspired strong, fierce, independent women. She is one of the best performers and sets the bar high for the production value and as a performer. She truly is one of a kind. She has an immense production budget. Her production was as big and bold as Queen Bey herself was. She had an enormous video wall, allowing fans from the floor seat to the nosebleed seats ample viewing pleasure.  

At a Beyonce show, you will see her no matter what. Spotlights beaming down on her. She strutted down a runway to the center of the stadium. Beyonce herself is an illusion. She and her dancers’ choreography was sharp and precise, multiple times throughout her show, the manipulation of their bodies and the fantasies that came with the dance moves. She had everything from techno-chrome levels to a horse glittering under the disco ball and grand piano melodies. The world is Beyonce’s oyster. We are lucky to even exist during the same time as Beyonce.

Despite a minor technical moment with sound, Beyonce, her dancers, and crew production team handled the malfunction flawlessly. This hiccup did not stop the show when they picked up right where they left off. Although crowd members did not understand the mute assignment and still cheered, the crowd also kept their energy up while the sound was troubleshooting. There have been instances where the sound distorted at State Farm Stadium. That was not the case for Beyonce. Her entire production had a crystal-clear sound. Who knows what Beyonce magic she did, but she did not disappoint her fans.

Blue Ivy had her shining moment. Blue Ivy is a star, commanding the spotlight. Watching her be up on that is breathtaking. She broke it down with her dance moves, sharp, precise movements. For being only eleven years old, she has a stage presence beyond comparison to her peers. The crowd roared; not only did Beyonce take a step back to admire Blue’s talent, but also the audience. Audience members may not be able to have the rhythm and fluidity. Not once was the crowd still, nor was there a moment of sitting down. 

Her setlist featured songs from her entire catalog. Fans enjoyed classics from Crazy In Love, Diva, Run the World (Girls), to her newest smash-hits: Cuff It, Alien Super Star, and Break My Soul. Energy It’s impressive the range she has. Her voice doesn’t falter. Every song Beyonce performed, she was fierce, her perfect hair whipping back and forth. Not a single hair was out of place. There’s no need to fret about missing the show in person. In December, The Renaissance will be showing at movie theaters nationwide. The theater show is another excuse for a night out on the town when you are the baddest in the room.

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