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Your Quick & Simple Review: “Hobbs & Shaw”

So I remember during the last Furious film, The Fate Of The Furious, that I thought how much I’d like to see Hobbs and Shaw team up for their own movie… To my surprise its actually happened.

For the story, I pretty much got what I had expected, but wouldn’t have minded something a lil more.  I wanted to see Hobbs & Shaw just go at each other… since they were working together in this one I knew that the most they were gonna do was verbal jabs, and it was funny.   What was even better was the surprise cameo’s that added some great laughs and maybe even left an opportunity to see them again in later films.

Now anyone who’s seen a Fast & Furious film, and likes them, knows you’re gonna get some over the top action sequences… like the never ending airplane runways or cars being chased by submarines on ice.  This one was no different, but I kind of thought or at least hoped, they would go bigger than they did, and not complaining with what we got.

As for the new cast members, Elba, Kirby and Gonzalez… It was Vanessa Kirby who did a better job than the others.  I think that was because they gave her a chance to actually stand out.  With her own fight scenes, not only against the bad guys but against the Rock too.

Basically Hobbs & Shaw was a good film.  Although it could have been better in some areas.  In the one area they remained totally true to, when it comes to the themes of all the Furious films, is they never lost sight about family.  Now the family has just gotten a whole lot bigger.


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