In Movie Theaters This Weekend

A long awaited next chapter, a historical military battle, romantic holiday comedy and something fun for the kiddos.  Mix that in with some of the good things already out and you got yourself some good movie watching this weekend… So let’s get to it – Eric

Doctor Sleep

I know a lot of people who have been waiting for this one.  Myself included, but mostly cause it has Rebecca Ferguson in it 🙂   Since I haven’t seen The Shining in many years i was worried that I might get lost because of too many past references.  Fortunately that wasn’t the case here.  It did help to know a couple of things but  if you didn’t see The Shining, I think you’ll be ok.  Doctor Sleep wasn’t the actual horror flick I think most peeps are expecting it to be, but it was dark and had a nice sinister feel to it.  There were a couple of good “flinch” moments that I liked, and was overall pleased with the story.  Fans who have been waiting should be pleased with what their watching.


I do love me a good “based on a true story” movie.  When it comes to military ones, you hope that they do justice to the person who’s story they’re trying to tell.  Midaway, I think, did a nice job of giving us a better understanding of this important battle.  However, it didn’t end up being the epic film I kinda hoped it would be.  Most of the cast was outstanding, there were some great battle scenes, but it didn’t create an huge emotional moments.  It did turn out to be a nice history lesson.  Still an enjoyable movie to watch, but it won’t be one of the classic films like Platoon or Apocalypse Now.

Last Christmas

I’ve always said a good romantic comedy is hard to come by.  Although I didn’t get a chance to see this one ahead of time, it looks charming and fun.  And since there isn’t really anything else out like it right now, it might be worth checking out.

Playing With Fire

Well, event the 5 – 10 year old audiences need something, non animated, to watch from time to time.  John Cena leads a cast of firefighters turned babysitters in this kid comedy.  Granted there’s more than a few movies out for the younger crowds, you can never have enough entertainment for the kiddos.


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