In Movie Theaters This Weekend

I love when there are really good “based on a true story” movies in theaters.  This week we just happen to have two of those films opening up, along with plenty more for your viewing pleasure – Eric

Ford v Ferrari

When you put two of Hollywood’s best in one picture, you hope the story isn’t one that wastes the opportunity.   FvF definitely made the most of it.  A great story, that’s not too well known, but the performance by Christian Bale  really carries this one.  Add in some pretty awesome editing, that enhanced the race scenes, you have a film that get’s you to care about the people and the cars.

The Report

Based on some very recent history, The Report, is one that really is an eye opener.  Depending on how much they got correct, it’s hard to believe that this kind of stuff happened.  The films star, Adam Driver, is pretty damn good in this one.  Should be one that has people talking when nominations for awards start to trickle in.  If you follow stories like this, or just looking for something that will have you saying WOW… then The Report is one to watch.

The Irishman

I wish I could have seen this one ahead of time but it’s 3 1/2 hour running time made it difficult to get away for that long.  But from those, that I know, who have seen it, say it’s worth it.  How can it not be?  Three living legends in one film?  I’m excited to see it.  However, it’s only playing in a small handful of locations this weekend before it hits Netflix in a couple of weeks… Check listings for locations and showtimes

Charlies Angels

This is gonna be the only, new, fun film out this weekend.  Although it didn’t seem to get too much promotional hype, I tend to think this could be the one you go to check out and then realize you’re glad you took the time to see it because it ended up being better than you thought.  I didn’t see it ahead of time but am actually planning to see it this weekend.

The Good Liar

Another film with two of Hollywood’s best in a dramatic thriller.  Again, not one I saw ahead of time, but one I’m very much looking forward to watching this weekend.  As a fan myself, I’m anxious to see how this one plays out.



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