Your Quick & Simple Review: “Barbarian”

Over the past few weeks, unless you’re the one person who hasn’t seen Top Gun: Maverik yet, there hasn’t been anything in theaters worth watching… Until Now!!!  This weekend, one of the best horror/suspense films I’ve seen all year is hitting theaters.  And it stars one of my favorite actors, who pretty much disappeared for the past couple of years, Justin Long.

Let’s start with how the trailer totally did a great job creating the illusion of what we thought was gonna happen and then flipped the script to what was really going on.   And that reveal was awesomely gross.  So, credit, where credit is due on that, goes to writer/director, Zach Cregger.

Then we have to turn to Justin Long and how his performance is really what made this movie great.  His comedic one-liners throughout the movie had you nervously laughing, while we waited for the next jump-in-your-seat moment to happen.

I was also very happy that Zach Cregger didn’t show too much of “The Mother”.  Keeping it mostly in the darkness, so you didn’t lose the Fear Factor when it appeared.  Even better with that, once you learn “The Mother’s” backstory, not only are you scared of it, you kinda feel a bit sorry for it as well.

Barbarian is not only one of the two best horror flicks, but, I think, one of the best movies I’ve seen this year.  And look forward to seeing it again.

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