Your Quick & Simple Review: “Black Adam”

After years of talking about it, the time has finally come for us to see it.  Dwayne Johnson’s passion project, Black Adam, is here.  And as a fan of DC Comics, I was very hopeful that The Rock could deliver something that DCEU fans would be happy with while creating a new exciting future for the entire DC movie franchise.

So let’s start with the good stuff.

Aldis Hodge and Hawkman & Pierce Brosnan at Doctor Fate are an awesome combo.  Great chemistry together and their individual action sequences were top-notch.  Speaking of the action, it was definitely an action-packed film, from beginning to end.  And just like in the comics and cartoons, Black Adam brings a whole lotta death and destruction.  Finally, that end-credit scene is what DCEU fans have been wanting, and now we got.

Now, two things that I had a really hard time with, are actually very important, but I’ll hope that things will be much better down the road.  First, the actual story was kinda all over the place.  I think the director, Jaume Collet-Serra, did a decent job controlling the whole thing and gave us more good than bad moments.  Then there was the CGI.  I’m very peculiar when it comes to the special effects of movies.  Especially with the superhero genre.  And more than a few times, I noticed some effects that should have been way better.

In the end, I had an enjoyable time with Black Adam.  There are a few good laughs, mixed with some good action and great new characters.  Granted it wasn’t the greatest of superhero movies, but I’m looking forward to seeing it again with an audience full of fans on opening weekend with the hope that this leads to an exciting rebirth of the DCEU.

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