Your Quick & Simple Review: “Boys State”

Everywhere you look these days, all you see is something about politics.  Some more welcoming than others.  I guess it depends on where you stand or who affiliate with.   That is part of the focus on the new documentary, Boys State.  A week long journey for teen aged boys from the state of Texas, who come together, to deal with “mock” issues and elections, to gain  small but important experience in the world of politics.

Personally, I was pretty fascinated by this story.  I’ve heard of comic nerds, computer nerds and other kinds of nerds/geeks, but you never really think about a political one.  if that’s even an actual term.  I was intrigued to see how these young men were so passionate about politics and hoping to somehow find a way into that world.  I think the most interesting part of what I saw, was how easy and willing some were to do the things we most hate about politics.  The dirty tricks.  All for the sake of being able to say they won.

Regardless of how one might feel politically, the young men that are featured here should be commended for their passion.  I also think the doc directors,  Amanda McBaine & Jesse Moss, did a nice job of showcasing these boys and the entire program.

Politics might not be something, these days, you would want to devote a couple of hours of your free time to, but I think you might be touched to see the hope for the future these boys have.

You can steam it starting this weekend on Apple TV+

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