Your Quick & Simple Review: “The Secret: Dare To Dream”

So coming to Video On Demand this weekend, is a simple little film, starring Katie Holmes, Josh Lucas & Jerry O’Connell.  Holmes is Miranda, who is a widow that can’t seem to catch a real break with anything.  Besides having a boyfriend (Jerry O’Connell) the only really good thing she has going for her is her three children.  That is until a mystery man, Bray (Josh Lucas) shows up out of the blue.

As soon as this one starts, one thing you will find out right away, is that this movie is about positivity.  And they really lay it on thick.  So much so it started to annoy me.  However, pushing that off to the side to make it through the rest of the film, I found it rather cute & heartwarming.  I like Katie Holmes in this, mostly cause it’s not a complicated role.  So it made it easier for me to believer her.  I also liked watching the relationship between Miranda and Bray develop.  The bad part about that though, I didn’t really see a need to have Jerry O’Connell’s character, Tucker, in it.  Other than to just add positive negative to the downward spiral of Miranda.

Speaking of downward, the real downside to this one, for me, was just how predictable it was.  As I was watching, I was almost playing a game to see how many times I was correct about what was going to happen.  And I scored very high.

All in all, The Secret: Dare to Dream isn’t a bad movie, it’s just not the best movie.  It definitely needed to be more than an old fashioned love story where the handsome stranger comes to save the damsel in distress.


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