Your Quick & Simple Review: “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness”

After some delays and many re-shoots later, the day has finally come for the world to learn more about the MCU Multiverse.  And if I do say so myself… that was some good learnin!!!

One of the things I appreciated about this film was how fast the “madness” begins.  Right from the get-go, it happens.  and it gets crazier from there.   Benedict is awesome as Doctor Strange, but it’s Elizabeth Olson’s “Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff” that is the scene-stealer.  Picking up almost from where we left off in WandaVision, we find ourselves hoping for the best for Wanda, but expecting the worst from the Scarlet Witch.  Not only are these two leads great but so is the supporting cast.  Benedict Wong, Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and newcomer Xochitl Gomez is fun to watch as America Chavez.  Plus so many “No Waaaay” cameo’s make this one of the more enjoyable MCU films I’ve seen in a while.

If there are two things I think could have been better, one would be the special effects.  Most of them are perfectly fine.  But a few times some of the effects looked a lil comical.  Fortunately, the sequence of events happening at those times, save’s it.  The other is the horror aspect.  This is the first time the MCU is dipping its toes into the horror genre, and having Sam Raimi as its director was a good way to with introducing that.  However, I think if they were gonna go horror with this film they should have just gone all out.  But it seems they trimmed it down for the PG-13 rating so they wouldn’t miss out on the young money at the box office.  But this feeling may just be a matter of preference.

All in all… Multiverse of Madness has a great and different feel than other MCU movies.  And it also takes us on an incredible journey that is only the beginning of what we’re gonna be getting from Marvel.   If I had to make a recommendation on how to view it, I think 3D would be best.  So you can get the full effect of all the effects going on throughout the movie.  But still, a fun time watching it normally too.

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