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Your Quick & Simple Review: Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore

Today’s the day that will have millions of fans will be flocking to the theaters to check out the latest installment from the Wizarding World series, the third Fantastic Beasts film, The Secrets of Dumbledore.  Unlike a lot of those millions of fans, I haven’t really got into the FB series, nor was I a big fan of the Harry Potter ones either.  But, I went into the movie with hopes for something good, unlike what I got in the first two films, and was pleased that it actually wasn’t bad.

Even though I know I’ve seen the previous films, my displeasure with them was so much I don’t really remember what they were about.  Just small segments here and there.  But I do remember how visually amazing they were, and that amazement continues here.  I’m a big fan of the imagination that goes into creating every nook and cranny of these worlds.  I know most of the kudos go to JK Rowling, however, if the tech teams don’t make the CGI look real, it loses its magic real quick.  And that doesn’t happen.

You’ve also got a great cast, but I was really taken with Dan Fogler.  He seemed to be the scene-stealer with his quick-witted one-liners.  The only downside to the great cast is the story didn’t go too well with the performances.  It had some nice fun/silly moments, but with the story kinda mirroring today’s real-life politics, it took away from any excitement I started to gain for the film.

Still, I believe most fans of the series will enjoy this one.  I did, even though I’m not a huge fan of the entire series.  But I also won’t rush to see it again anytime soon as a real fan might.  It should still do well at the box office as part of the early Summer Box Office movies looking to get fans back to theaters on a regular basis.

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