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Your Quick & Simple Review: “Sonic The Hedgehog 2”

If memory serves correctly, one of the last films I screened in theaters was the first Sonic movie.  And now, as the world seems to be getting back to normal, here comes Sonic The Hedgehog 2.  And my kiddos couldn’t be happier.

So let’s go with the good stuff first… Just like the first film, I think Jim Carrey kills it as Mr. Robotnik.  His over-acting, over-enthusiastic, physical comedy is great at keeping the younger audience engaged.  I also thought Idris Elba voicing Knuckles was perfect.  His voice, like the character, is big and powerful.  It really helped sell that new character.

I really like how the special effects looked throughout the film.  Not only do they make the ending outstanding, but in the long run, it helps sell the Sonic films as a video game movie done right.

Now the things I had a bit of a problem with… one, the length of the movie.  With the 2-hour running time, it might be tough to keep kids sitting still in their seats.   I also had some issues with the dialog.  At times I thought it seemed too childish.  Even for a kids movie.  And a couple of jokes were very adult themed.  I didn’t see the need for those at all.

As we slowly start to work our way to the Summer Blockbusters, I think Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is going to be a great lead off hitter in getting the box office number back to normal on a more consistent basis.

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