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Your Quick & Simple Review: “You Won’t Be Alone”

When it comes to watching movies, I don’t think many fans are big on reading subtitles.  But I have always said that if you can get yourself emotionally involved with a film that you have to read, then the film has got to be that good.  This is exactly what the new movie “You Won’t Be Alone” is.

It’s a very slow-paced film that takes you on a very intriguing journey.  I think the best way to describe it would be beautiful & brutal.  It also doesn’t have too much dialog, so having to read subtitles for an entire movie won’t get exhausting.  But the way our director, Goran Stolevski, tells this story, keeps you focused on what you’re watching the entire way.  Sometimes you tend to forget that this film is also a horror movie about witches.  But when you’re reminded, it’s gross and might make you hide your eyes for a bit.  In a good way.

There really isn’t anything bad about this film either.  But if I had to be picky about one thing, I think it would be the effects makeup of our villain, Maria.  I know what they wanted it to look like but the realism of it didn’t happen for me.

I know this isn’t gonna be a film for everybody, but if you’re one who can appreciate the art and uniqueness of this film, it will be one you will really enjoy.

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