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Your Quick & Simple Review: “Halloween Kills”

The Slasher King, Michael Myers, is back and he ain’t playing around this Halloween.   Even though these aren’t my favorite kind of horror flicks.  What we got in Halloween Kills had me pretty excited when it was all over.

So this film does exactly what you might expect.  It has plenty of horror movie cliches and a very poorly acted story.  However, what makes this movie so good, for me at least, is the fact that they did not hold back on how brutal Michael is.  Unlike 2018’s Halloween, where every time Michael was about to off another victim, we never actually got to see him do it.  But in “Kills” we got to see him do every single bad deed, with blood and guts everywhere…. It was great!!!

I think this will raise the bar on what they need to do to keep fans entertained.  After all, when it comes to the Halloween franchise, fans know what they want and it’s great when the studios actually give it to them.  “Kills” gave us the brutality & blood, hopefully, in the next film, Halloween Ends, we’ll get a much better script with much better performances from its stars.


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