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Your Quick & Simple Review: “Last Night In Soho”

Ever had one of the nights where you wake up from a crazy dream and think, that seemed so real? That’s exactly what Last Night In Soho is like.  Except it’s way better than those dreams.  And that’s due in part to its two leading ladies, Anya Taylor-Joy & Thomasin McKenzie.  Both of them, as they’ve always done, deliver great performances of past and present.

Aside from Anya & Thomasin’s performances, there are more than a few great things we get in this film.  Let’s start off with the old-school soundtrack, that features Anya’s remake of Petula Clarks’ “Downtown”.  This haunting and powerful remake is a real highlight during and after the film.  Then the visual effects.  Although the may not have been easy to film, on the screen they didn’t come off as too much or overly complicated.  They were actually perfect for the way the story is told.  And speaking of the story, the ending was a pretty good surprise that I didn’t see coming.

Now the only thing I really had a problem with was how often they went back to showing the “spirits”.  Show them once for a second and it’s creepy and might even give you a good jump scare.  But if you go to the well once too often, it loses the fear factor.  Fortunately, it didn’t take away from everything else that I thought was great.

I think this Mystery/Thriller is perfect for this weekend.  It has just enough of a dark vibe for Halloween mixed with awesome throwback visuals that movie-goers will enjoy.

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