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Your Quick & Simple Review: “Antlers”


I love when a movie, that I’ve really wanted to watch, doesn’t disappoint.  And although I think some things in the new movie Antlers, could have been better, thanks to the performance from newcomer, Jeremy T. Thomas, we’ve got a good Horror/Thriller flick to add to all the Halloween fun this weekend.

Now Jeremy isn’t the only decent performance.  Keri Russell & Jesse Plemons also delivered nicely.  What really got me to like this movie was that it was pretty brutal and bloody.  Basically, what a good horror flick should be.  And using the Native American folklore creature, Wendigo, to create a few good jump scares.  It got me a couple of times.  What was best about all of that is they didn’t it too much.  Meaning, if you show the scary creature over and over, it starts to lose its fear factor.  In Antlers, you see the Wendigo as a blur in the background or a quick glimpse of its head.  They waited until almost the very end to let give us a good look at it.  And even then,, it was still dark enough where you can’t see everything.

The only downside of this film for me was just how slow it was at times.  This may just be a matter of taste, but I like things to hurry along and get to the getting.  But trying to create the dark/sinister vibe of the film, the slow pace kept me a lil anxious, and not in a good way, for something else to happen.

Even though this should have come out a year ago, with it being Halloween weekend, I think this is gonna be a good film to get fans in theaters to extend their trick-or-treat fun.


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