Your Quick & Simple Review: “In The Heights”

Musical’s usually arent’ my thing.  I believe the only one I’ve ever really liked was Phantom Of The Opera… not the movie, the actual play.  So getting me to go see one, on stage or the big screen, is an arm twister for sure.  However, to my surprise, In The Heights, was a film I rather enjoyed and didn’t feel the need to keep checking my watch to see how much longer it had to go.

Producer, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and director, Jon Chu, have created a fun film that really fits perfectly with the summertime.  And it didn’t need any superhero’s, big-time explosions, or action sequences.  It just relied on a simple New York community setting, with a beautiful message, delivered thru song and dance, that your dreams can come true no matter where you are or who you’re with.  Anthony Ramos, who I’ve never seen in a leading role before, did an outstanding job of leading this large cast of performers.  And I will say, Jimmy Smits… not a bad singer.   Aside from Anthony, Melissa Barrera as Vanessa has an awesome breakout role here.

I didn’t see any real downside to this one.  Except that they might have made it a tad bit shorter.  But musicals usually aren’t short, and since I was being entertained, I didn’t really mind.

Although you can watch this one from the comfort of your own home with HBO Max, I think you’ll actually enjoy this much more if you see it on the big screen.  As I said, this is a perfect summertime movie that should have you tapping your feet and even wiping a tear or two from your eyes.

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