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Your Quick & Simple Review: “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It”

Our third go-around with Ed & Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga), but this time we’re not dealing with a haunted house, we’ve got a  demonic possession.  Based on the true story of Arne Johnson (Ruairi O’Connor) who claimed possession as his defense for murder.

Unlike the first two movies, The Devil Made Me Do It, is now directed by Michael Chaves, instead of James Wan.  Which had me worried because he was also the director of The Curse Of La Llorona.  And that film wasn’t very good at all.  But to my surprise, he actually did a much better job here.  Although it wasn’t great, I still enjoyed the whole religious aspect of the story.  Mostly because it didn’t just involve figuring out Arne’s problem, but the Warrens needed to solve another case just to prove Arne’s.  Mixed with some pretty gruesome special effects, you’ll flinch in your seat a few times.

As for the downside of this film, I think it really lacked suspense.  One thing James Wan did extremely well in the first two films was creating suspense.  When we got to some big moments in the film, there was a lack of that suspense to sell what was about to happen.  So I never found myself sitting on the edge of my seat through the entire film.

But, I still liked it.

The Devil Made Me Do It, is probably the weakest of the three Conjuring films, however, for fans of the series & its spin-offs, I think this will still end up being very enjoyable… and possibly get you to go to church on Sunday.

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