Your Quick & Simple Review: “Spider-Man: Far From Home”

So how does the Marvel Cinematic Universe follow up one of the biggest films of all time, Avengers: End Game???  They send in their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man (Tom Holland).  And I think that was a pretty good call.

Right off the bat in this one, they answer a lot of questions with what happened after everyone, who disappeared, reappeared, 5 years after “The Snap”.  Even gave that a cool name… “The Blip”.   And they didn’t spend too much time going over it, which was good, moving forward with the current story.

I think the best thing about Far From Home, for me, was that they really gave us a story that has made Spider-Man such and endearing character all these years.  The fact that he’s a kid, with kid problems, and he still has to fight crime and save the world when he’s not studying for a test or just trying to spend time with Mary Jane.   That was really good to see here.

Now our new villain, Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), had me a little disappointed at the beginning, but as the movie went on I grew to like the character and his part in the film.  And like Doctor Strange, when Mysterio’s real fight scene kicks in, 3D will make it look amazing, but not if you don’t want to feel sick after.  But that scene really kicks @ss.

Far From Home is definitely gonna be a film fans love.  And with this film, it marks the end of Phase 3 in the MCU.  And if the 2 end credit scenes are any clue we could be in for a new kind of adventure in Phase 4… on earth and in space.


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