Your Quick & Simple Review: “The Boy From Medellin”

Usually, documentaries aren’t my thing, however, I’m a fan of music, so I tend to check those ones out.  Even more so when it involves one of the biggest artist’s in the world… J. Balvin.  The Boy from Medellin follows J for a week, leading up to the biggest concert of his life.  And it happens to be in his hometown, during a time of political unrest.

Now I don’t know too much about J. Balvin, other than his music and that he’s from Columbia.  So this doc offered some nice insight into who he is when he’s not on stage.  Most of his fans will know that he suffers from anxiety and depression, but I didn’t.  So I appreciated how he talks about that, being honest and fearless putting it out there.

I was really intrigued by how torn he was when it came to the politics that are being put in front of him.   We got to see what he was going thru emotionally trying to decide what the best thing to do is.  Say something to support those who supported him.  Or say nothing and risk losing those same supporters because they might think he no longer cares now that he’s a world-famous entertainer.  Basically, he’s wondering, where his responsibility lies as a celebrity and a regular person.

And all this is happening while he prepares for the biggest concert of his life.  The one he dreamed of as a young man trying to make his dreams come true.

The Boy From Medellin, although it seemed to be very slow-paced, it does show a lot.  And it’s really very good.  Common people tend to say that celebrities should stay out of politics, but this is a good look at what goes through the mind of one of the biggest in the world.

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